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For our site visitors looking for more information about debt management, the following questions may help you in answering the most common ones.


How do the debt management and credit counseling programs work?
The Credit Card Debt, Inc. programs allow you to pay off your existing unsecured debt under new terms. These new terms may include lower interest rates, lower monthly payments and waived late and over-limit fees. The Credit Card Debt, Inc. programs do not require you to declare bankruptcy or take out a new loan. Take two minutes and apply today.


How do I know if these programs are for me?
If you're finding that you can only make the minimum payments on your bills, and your balances never seem to go down, the Credit Card Debt, Inc. programs can help. If you're behind in your payments and facing late fees, the Credit Card Debt, Inc. programs can help. If creditors are calling you or your loved ones at all hours, our programs can help.


Why shouldn't I just take out an equity loan to pay off my creditors ?
A new loan won't reduce your present debt. It will only reshuffle the credit problems you already have. In addition, you can lose your home if you fall behind on mortgage payments. The Credit Card Debt, Inc. programs could allow you to make smaller payments at a lower interest rate without putting your home at risk.



Wouldn't it be easier for me just to declare bankruptcy?
Bankruptcy should always be a last resort. In the short term, bankruptcy sounds good to many people. After all, what could be better than having the majority of your debt wiped clean? The problem is that creditors have very good memories, and your bankruptcy will show up on your credit report for at least ten years. The Credit Card Debt, Inc. programs may not only reduce your monthly payments, but in many cases it can actually improve your credit rating through what is called the re-aging process. Be sure to ask your credit counselor for more information.


Will Credit Card Debt, Inc. work with all types of debt?
The debt management and credit counseling programs work with all types of unsecured debt; such as credit cards, department store cards, medical bills, unsecured personal loans, and collection agencies.


What interest rate do you charge?
The Credit Card Debt, Inc. programs are not loans. Therefore, we don't charge any interest.


How much does Credit Card Debt, Inc. charge to enroll?
Credit Card Debt, Inc. charges no up-front fees for its services.


Why can't I negotiate with my creditors ?
Our experience has been that creditors are only willing to work with certified organizations. Our agencies are approved by the Internal Revenue Service under section 501(c) 3 of the Internal Revenue Code.


Will bill collectors really stop calling me?
Yes. Credit Card Debt, Inc. understands that being trapped in debt can cause unbearable stress and anxiety. Harassing phone calls from your creditors only make things worse. Once you become a client, the calls from creditors will ultimately stop. If some creditors continue to harass you, we have ways to make them stop.


Is it safe to sign up over the Internet?
Absolutely. Credit Card Debt, Inc. has gone to great expense to ensure that ALL the information you provide us with will be kept safe, secure and strictly confidential. You can also access all of your accounts with Credit Card Debt, Inc. online 24 hours a day, seven days a week.



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